Sustainability Stars

The West Houston Association (“WHA”) Sustainability Stars Program recognizes qualified applicants for sustainability efforts in land development and infrastructure in Greater West Houston. This includes (a) Investigation; (b) Investment; (c) Integration into construction; (d) Inspiration; and (e) Innovation. A development project/team can receive multiple recognition/awards (e.g., Investigation + Investment = 2), up to 5 stars. WHA is not attempting to create new practices, just recognizing the practices and programs established by others. The major goal of the WHA Sustainability Stars Program is to gather insights into sustainable infrastructure so that WHA’s members have reliable information on the value provided by sustainable infrastructure and development practices and to recognize the early adopters of such practices. Thus, the Sustainable Infrastructure Committee will award individuals for simply exploring or implementing sustainable infrastructure plans. Applicants are encouraged to apply in pre-design and to continue updating their applications as the project progresses.

Sustainability Stars Application

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Sustainability Stars Projects:

Stonebrook Estates

Stonebrook Estates, a 51.4-acre single-family residential, low-impact development, is located near Tomball, Texas. The 135 lot development consists of approximately 70 completed homes, each with an average sales price over $500,000. Stonebrook was developed with LID/GI amenities in mind and a hybrid stormwater management system, which uses natural drainage systems coupled with traditional storm sewers to adequately direct stormwater around and away from the homes.   Read more…