WHA has seven separate committees that work together to help influence and advocate for public policy, improved mobility, better infrastructure, and a sustainable quality of life for the greater West Houston region.

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Quality Planned Development
Mission Statement: Establish and promote a standard for all development corresponding with that of master-planned communities

Chairman: Collin Pier- Trendmaker

Regional Mobility
Mission Statement:  Plan and provide early developmental support of major transportation initiatives for the Greater West Houston region Committee Chair: Marlene Gafrick- MetroNational



Vice Chair: Delvin Dennis- Klotz and Associates, Inc.

Flood Control, Drainage & Wetlands 
Mission Statement: Facilitate the planning and implementation of regional drainage and flood control projects Committee Chair: Lee Lennard- BGE, Inc.



Vice Chair: Tim Buscha- IDS Engineering Solutions

Water Resources
Mission Statement: Assess the capacity of water supply delivery for the Greater West Houston region Committee Chair: Jack Miller- R. G. Miller Engineers, Inc.




Vice Chair: Alia Vinson- Allen Boone Humphries Robinson

Parks, Recreation & Open Space
Mission Statement:  Promote the inclusion and effective use of open space with the growth of the Greater West Houston area population and land development

Committee Chair: Chris Patterson – RVi

Sustainable Infrastructure
Mission Statement: Advocate for the use of sustainable infrastructure concepts through the education of members and stakeholders and recognition of projects and practices

Committee Chair: Jim Russ- EHRA Engineering



Vice Chair: Travis Sellers- IDS Engineering Solutions 

Education & Workforce Development
Mission Statement: Advocate for policies and partnerships that provide high-quality educational infrastructure and educational opportunities to achieve a prosperous and sustainable business community and workforce in Greater West Houston.

Committee Chair: Carolyn Dorros -Wolff Cos.



Vice Chair: Dr. Zach Hodges – Houston Community College